Villa Oeiras Carcavelos 15 year old


Carcavelos Fortified Wine / por / 37 proof / 750 ml 


Villa Oeiras is the sole remaining producer of Carcavelos and was born of a partnership between the Ministry of Agriculture and the municipality of Oeiras in 1983. Located on the former estate of the Marquis de Pombal at the Casal da Manteiga, its 12.5 hectares—roughly half of the entire DOC—are planted over calcareous soils 200 meters from the Tagus estuary, west of Lisbon.  Carcavelos is one of four major Vinhos Generosos (Port and Madiera being two of the others), and this extra-aged example shows notes of toffee, golden raisin, wild honey, and bruleed citrus peel.  Carcavelos can be enjoyed neat or slightly chilled. It's the perfect ending to any meal, or with foie gras, and any dessert with nuts. 

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