NRG Barrel Pick Pack: Eagle Rare x Wilderness Trail (DC ONLY)

NRG Barrel Pick Pack: Eagle Rare x Wilderness Trail (DC ONLY)

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The whiskey gods have been good to use this year, allowing us to share with you multiple barrel picks that we can't be more proud of. Perhaps you can't decide? Our bounty is yours, too. Enjoy both at a special discount if you buy them together. 


Wilderness Trail was a no-brainer for us as far as barrel picks go. Their process, attention to detail, transparency, and cutting edge approach to whiskey making assures that they have some of the best whiskies on the market, in spite of their relative youth as a company.  This whiskey has been in Kelvin #4 char barrels for 5 years and 5 months, which have been uniquely toasted and aged for 18 months prior to whiskey entry. This extra time allowing the wood to cure allows Wilderness Trail to produce whiskeys with complex flavor profiles that belie their age statements. This very limited bourbon is no exception.  We named it cinnamon sticky buns for its rich mouthfeel and delightful cinnamon spice finish. 


Until recently Eagle Rare was always a single barrel bourbon, but a change to their production line forced them to remove the "single barrel" distinction and resulted in single barrel Eagle Rare picks becoming even rarer. We consider ourselves very lucky to offer this to you, as even non-single barrel Eagle Rare is becoming harder to find.  We selected this barrel for its fabulous notes of cacao nib, salty caramel, golden raisin, and shortbread cookie. What starts off sweet on the attack gives way to a dry, bergamot tea finish. Distillation date: 4/21/10  Dump date: 12/14/20.    


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