Mt. Defiance Cassis / Fruit Liqueur


usa / 375 ml / 42 proof

Mt. Defiance Cassis Liqueur Bitter, sweet, fruity...and truly something special. This delectable liqueur is an exceptional addition to desserts, champagne, and specialty cocktails. Originating in France, cassis is a black currant liqueur. Black currant cultivation in the United States was banned at the federal level until 1966. New York State legalized cultivation in 2003; however, many other states like Virginia still have a ban in effect. Our distiller travels to New York’s Hudson Valley just after harvest to collect this uncommon fruit. The black currants are then steeped in high proof alcohol for three months, imparting the berry’s bitter and fruity character, then sweetened with beet sugar. Silver medal winner in the 2017 American Craft Spirits Association annual competition.

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