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Maximin Grünhaus, Riesling Herrenberg Kabinett

Maximin Grünhaus, Riesling Herrenberg Kabinett


Mosel, Germany (2018)


The first documentary evidence of Grünhaus, then called “Villa ad Valles,” dates from February 6, 966. Emperor Otto I, heir of Charlemagne, confirmed a donation that had been made in the Seventh century by the Frankish King Dagobert. At that time, the buildings, vineyards and surrounding land had been given to the Benedictine monastery of Saint Maximin in Trier. In 1882, it was purchased by an ancestor of Carl von Schubert, who is the fifth generation of his family to own the Grünhaus estate. This Riesling, grown on the prestigious red soils of the Herrenberg vineyard, is full of bright minerality perfectly balanced with bright white peaches and yellow apricot flavors. For a real treat, lage this wine for decades to come to watch it blossom into something truly priceless!

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