Maley Pommerbe / Spanish Cider Vermouth


ita / 36 proof / 750 ml

Gianluca Telloli, an oenologist from the Valle d'Aosta, devoted to searching for and promoting the ancient mountain apples grown at high altitudes, with the help of Alessandro Revel Chion,   a distiller and liqueur-maker, who is knowledgeable about how to interpret the historical Piedmontese herbalist school, created this liqueur based on cider, an aperitif from another era in the full style of the Belle Epoque.Starting from a cider based on fruit to the assembly line production of our alpine apples, the aroma base is taken from absinthe combined with angelica-root, marjoram, thyme and Clary sage ( these are the most well-known ones).Its combination of aromas containing the bitter ingredients ( cinchona bark, gentian, rhubarb and quassia bitterwood) and then balancing the sweeter ones create an unexpected harmony on our lips.The sweet-scented note originates from the peel of sweet and sour oranges and from the essential oils of other citrus fruits, refining the aroma.

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