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Lise & Bertrand Jousset, Pulpe F!#/?@n, Muscadet

Lise & Bertrand Jousset, Pulpe F!#/?@n, Muscadet, 2019


Pulpe F!#/?@n, Muscadet, Loire Valley, France 2019 (750 ml)


Here's a very nice "natty" old-vine, small-batch, organically-farmed Muscadet. We like this wine because it is immediately recognizable as Melon from the Western Loire; with its expressive but bone-dry, neutral, saline disposition. What this has as a bonus feature is very slight spritz and cloudiness from its lack of filtering. The wine has a very exciting and intense mouthfeel with a little bit of phenolic texture and pineapple fruit on the nice clean finish. Despite its minimal SO2 addition, this wine sang for many days after opening. Tasty!

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