Equilibrium Ampere (Hazy Triple IPA - 4 Pack x 16 oz.)

Equilibrium Ampere (Hazy Triple IPA - 4 Pack x 16 oz.)


Hazy Triple IPA / New York / 10.0%


Equilibrium’s latest Triple IPA using their Energy Process is here. Ampere is named after the French physicist André-Marie Ampère, who is now considered the father of electrodynamics. Also known as “amp”, Ampere is the basic unit of electric current equal to one coulomb per second. Equilibrium applied their Energy Treatment to a massive hop bill of Mosaic and their new magic Galaxy using the same heavy wheat and oat grain bill as Joule. Ampere pours electric yellow and has an aroma of assorted citrus and mango with flavors of orange, cantaloupe, pineapple and mango smoothie with a touch of earth and grass like your Dad mowed the lawn and accidently ran over the blueberry bush. The mouthfeel is creamy with a pop from their #EQjuice finish. With a nearly undetectable 10% ABV, this Triple IPA will flow through you at max amps.

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