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Chateau Falfas, Les Demoiselles Cotes de Bourg

Chateau Falfas, Les Demoiselles Cotes de Bourg, 2020


Bourdeaux, France, 2019 (750 ml)


Tasting Notes:  IThe perfect crowd-pleasing Bordeaux, elegant yet structured with classic flavors of red and black fruits, coffee, sweet tobacco, baking spices, and fresh herbs…


This wine is a truly special find for the holidays. It is from one of the four prestigious Crus of the Côtes de Bourg region on the right bank of the Gironde River in Bordeaux - Château Falfas. The winemaker and vinegrower, Véronique Cochran, is the daughter of the great Biodynamic pioneer and viticultural consultant François Bouchet. She has been farming 20 hectares of vineyards here completely biodynamically since 1988, and her wines are starting to change the conversation in Bordeaux. With changing climates, and expedited techniques, finding the elegant and robust wines of Bordeaux’s past at an approachable price-point can be somewhat challenging. But with great attention to detail and true dedication to showcasing the pure terroir of the region, Véronique creates wines that are somehow quintessentially old Bordeaux.

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