Biscuit Box Picnic Basket

Biscuit Box Picnic Basket


This picnic basket is the perfect addition to any outing in nature - so grab a partner and find a prime spot in the park to enjoy a choice between:


-The Savory Biscuit Box: includes 4 Buzz biscuits, 4oz of sliced smoked ham, cornichon pickles, and cultured butter

-The Sweet Biscuit Box: includes 4 Buzz biscuits, 4oz of raspberry jam, 2oz honey, and cultured butter ***Vegetarian friendly!***


These products will arrive in a stylish bamboo picnic basket, ready to go for your springtime adventures!

Add a full-sized red-and-white checkered picnic blanket for $30!


Add our recommended wine pairing (Arca Nova, Rose) for $12, our recommended cocktail pairing (Classic Manhattan - serves 2) for $15, or our recommended beer pairing (Bluejacket Lost Weekend 4pk) for $15!


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