At Neighborhood Restaurant Group, helping those in need is ingrained in our company ethos. It is our duty as hospitality professionals, and our privilege as community partners, to assist in efforts that directly benefit the hardworking, passionate and dedicated individuals that require relief and deserve every ounce of support we can provide. 


That responsibility has never been more tangible than right now. 


Neighborhood Provisions is providing healthy, well-sourced meals to those in need. The concept is simple: through the generosity of sponsorships small and large, we reach out to groups that require assistance, be it frontline hospital workers, the economically vulnerable or Coronavirus patients. Our chefs prepare delicious and nutritious meals with love and respect, and our team - trained in CDC-approved health and safety practices - deliver these meals to those groups in need.


If you, or someone you know, is looking for a way to help the unsung heroes working in the trenches amid this pandemic, please consider supporting our efforts so we may reach our goal: 400 meals per day, or 2,800 meals per week. 


Neighborhood Restaurant Group - like so many others in this incredible, tight-knit industry - has been dealt a crippling blow. We have been forced by circumstances well beyond our control to lay off over 90% of our staff, and while we found a way to pay everyone for one week, our resources have been stretched to the breaking point. As such, we are turning to you - our neighbors, our friends, our patrons and colleagues - to help us support our employees who have now found themselves without jobs or opportunities for income.

100% of proceeds from this GoFundMe page will go directly toward supporting our teams who need immediate relief as we navigate this crisis.

Whether you are in for penny or a pound, just know that every bit counts, and that we would not be asking were the situation anything but dire. Our employees are the lifeblood of this company and form the backbone of this amazing industry; they are the core of our communities and the heart of our restaurant family. We are working to support them through our to-go and delivery efforts and through our gift card sales - and we will continue to do whatever it takes. With your help, we will survive this crisis so we can continue to support our team and the communities in which we operate. All  of your generous donations received in this effort will go directly to our staff. 

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