Neighborhood Provisions is an online destination offering a great selection of comfort meals, ready-to-cook foods, pantry items, wine, beer, cocktails, spirits and more all delivered contact-free to your doorstep. 


It’s What’s For Dinner Tonight

Don’t feel like cooking? Neighborhood Provisions offers chef-driven, prepared dishes delivered to your doorstep seven days a week. Exactly what you can get will vary a bit depending on your location (we service the entire District of Columbia, Arlington County and the City of Alexandria, and all of Montgomery County, MD) but you can count on a broad range of options in all our delivery regions - from Chef Tony Chittum’s Carmelized Ricotta Gnocchi to Jarrad Silver’s smoked half chicken - plus a rotating list of housemade dips, soups, appetizers and salads, not to mention beer, wine and cocktails.


Your Grocer & Gourmet Store

You can’t always get what you want, but Neighborhood Provisions has what you need, with a selection of pantry items simply not found at your corner store these days. Our highly curated list of essentials is ever-evolving, with baking and cooking provisions galore, butchered meats, soups, stocks, sweets and yes, beer, wine and cocktails - all delivered to your door, distance maintained. 


Every week there is something new - brunch, date night, grill packs, you name it. In order to get the most out of Neighborhood Provisions, check back early and often!